This is a remake of a gag that I did circa April 1, 1979 (or possibly March 1, 1979 - April 1, 1979 falling on a Sunday, creating confusion of the original version of the gag's date) of which the original version no longer survives today. In the original, I recall that Harry was in Dick's role, except that he had a facial expression that was between smiling and frowning. I don't recall who was in Harry's role.

Dick is using a helium tank to put helium into an envelope. Dick is smiling. Harry walks into the scene, as we see one of his legs.

Dick releases the envelope, which flies away with fire coming out. Harry, pointing at the envelope and looking right at it, says, "What is that?" Dick, smiling, as he looks up at the envelope with his arm up, says, "Air mail!"

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