Each character is holding up a sign.
Harry is holding up one that says, "GO."
Mary has one with "OD."
Ernie has one with "BY."
Wille is holding up one that says, "E."
Doris is holding up one that says, "!"
Together, these signs spell out, "GOODBYE!"
All these characters are looking to their left at Dick. All of them have a slight frown, except for Ernie, who has a wiggly smile.
Dick is holding up a sign that says, "See you in college!" He is smiling, standing straight-on, and is holding up the sign, with the skinny part of it in front of his face.
At the bottom right panel, some writing says, "- with thanks from John Lund," with the author's signature's name in his style of handwriting.

This is the last episode of this part of the run of "Harry Lemoy." To read on to episodes after 1986, click here.

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